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Best Gun Combo In PUBG


Best Gun Combo In PUBG

PUBG Mobile provides some of the destroyed guns combo to players, which makes them the best weapon combo PUBG mobile for classic mode performance. In the Players Unknown Battleground game you have to pick 2 guns and 1 pistol, and other items like a pan, crossbow, etc.

But here in this article, we will discuss the best gun combo in PUBG, Which will help you to play in a better way with lots of kills. So with the help of the most effective guns in PUBG, you can achieve fragger in your squad very easily.

With so many loadout options, it can become problematic for players to pick the best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile.

An Excellent handgun combo helps you to get more kills and also helps you to react fast while fighting. Even also helps to save teammates in Various situations, So let’s have look at the top gun combo in PUBG mobile.

Best Weapon Combo PUBG Mobile In 2023

Here we will show you the top 5 guns combination for a classic mode of PUBG mobile. So let’s have a look below in order to know more about the combinations.

  • M416+AWM combo in PUBG Mobile
  • M416+DP28 Gun combination in PUBG Mobile
  • AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Gun combo
  • Groza+AUG A3 Weapon combination in PUBG Mobile.
  • M416+AKM combo in PUBG Mobile.

M416+AWM Best Gun Combination In PUBG Mobile

M416+AWM Best Gun Combination In PUBG Mobile

The most deadly PUBG gun combination is M416+AWM. An assault plus sniper rifle is the most effective gun in PUBG. This combo is mostly preferred by the best PUBG players in the world who love to give back up to their teammates. A sniper rifle helps to team in long-range fights, while an assault rifle is great in close-range combat battles in-game.

You will have 47 bullets in both guns with an extended mag. We can say that this combo is mostly used in PUBG Mobile and that is why M416+AWM is on the top of the best gun combo in PUBG.

M416+DP28 Combination PUBG Gun

M416+DP28 Combination PUBG Gun

The second most used M416+DP28 combo is dangerous, you can use DP-28 for mid-range and close range too. Both weapons are automatic guns which will help you to get more kills from mid-range and you will have 87 bullets in both guns with an extended mag.

It is really dangerous, even the most famous players also use this PUBG gun combo. In this combo, if in case you have to reload one gun, then you can instantly switch the gun to the other one. Which makes it the best gun combo in PUBG. Apart all it playing PUBG for a long time become dangerous for you. There are also a PUBG side effects that you should be aware of it. Play the game for a limited time only.

AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Mobile Best Combo Gun 

AKM With Mini-14 is the best combo gun in PUBG mobile, the player can easily take part in long-range to mid-range fights. As compared to any normal gun AKM is a beast gun with high damage in close, by a few bullets you can easily kill or knock out someone. 

AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Mobile Best Combo Gun

You can use Mini 14 in long-range fights by using a 2x to 8x scope and you can easily take down someone with 5 Mini-14 shots.

Groza+AUG A3 PUBG Excellent Combo For Close & Mid Range

An excellent combo for mid-range and close-range, but this combo is only possible when you had looted the airdrops or used a flare gun for these guns. Groza with AUG A3 is the best gun combination in PUBG mobile. 

Groza+AUG A3 PUBG Excellent Combo For Close & Mid Range

Groza is one of the most deadly guns in close-range battles and although AUG- A3 spray is way better than other guns and easy to control with high stability. Use Groza and increase KD in PUBG easily with the correct aim and sight. Because this gun has the innate sensitivity to target any enemy from a distance.

M416+AKM Most Used Combo Of PUBG Mobile

The last most used combo of the best combo guns in PUBG is the M416 with AKM. Usually, it is the most used combo by the assaulters in PUBG mobile. This combo is mostly used to knock and finish any player in PUBG without giving them any chance to revive.

M416+AKM Most Used Combo Of PUBG Mobile

Maybe you have ever watched this combo helps to kill continuously 3 to 4 enemies at one time. AKM provides magnificent damage over a close range, while M416 is used for close and mid-range spray in order to take down enemies. which is the best gun combo in PUBG mobile.

What Is The Best Gun In Arena (TDM) PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)?

What Is The Best Gun In Arena (TDM) PUBG

The most used and the best guns in TDM of PUBG Mobile game are Beryl M762, Vector, Kar98k, M416, and UZI. These are the most used guns you can practice from any gun in order to master the control of guns.

Top 5 guns for arena training

  1. Beryl M762 

Beryl M762 is a great gun with a good firing speed and also good damage. The bullet used for it is 7.62mm and it can load up to 30 rounds “40 with an extended magazine”.

  1. Vector

Vector is a gun with well-firing speed too with the use of bullets 5.5mm. Easy to control with less recoil best option for close-range combat.

  1. Kar98k

Karabiner 98 Kurz” is the full name of Kar98k and it is a classic bolt-action refile gun with bullet use of 7.62mm with a great sound of bullet plus more damage too. With one headshot you can easily knock out someone even in a 2-level helmet

  1. M416

All time everyone’s favorite gun M416 is an assault rifle with a use of 5.56mm, easy to control in close to mid-range, and with less recoil. Even if you can use M416 with any gun in Classic or TDM, it will make the best gun combo in PUBG.

  1. UZI

UZI is the god-tier weapon for close-range fighting with excellent firing and bullet-releasing speed. You can hit 24 bullets in split second with that gun to an enemy and low recoil. Although it is a great weapon that you can find easily anywhere on the PUBG map.

These are the best gun-used in Arena, most of the players use these guns and enjoyed their time with PUBG Mobile. You can also create your own best gun combo in PUBG.

What Are The Best Attachments For M416 PUBG GUN?

In order to control the recoil of the M416, you need to choose the right grips and attachments, so let’s have a quick look at the best attachments for M416.

What Are The Best Attachments For M416 PUBG GUN

Best M416 Attachments Build:

  • Muzzle: Compensator.
  • Foregrip: Vertical Foregrip.
  • Stock: Tactical Stock.
  • Magazine: Ext. Quickdraw + Extended.
  • Scope: Viper A-space Sight.

These attachments will help you to play in much control so you can get more kills and also protect your teammates. M416 is one of the best gun combos in PUBG.

So, if you are facing issues like high ping on mobile data or on Wifi, then there you have a great option for these problems.

Best Gun That Carries Highest Recoil In PUBG

The high recoil weapon in PUBG is AKM which carries 7.7mm bullets and has the highest recoil among all the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. AKM also gives high damage even though you can easily knock out or kill someone with a few bullets. 

But it is not easy to connect all bullets to the enemy because of AKM’s high recoil. If you like to use AKM most of the time, then I will recommend you to use the compensator and quick+extended mag. It helps to reduce the recoil and take close-range fights with this gun in PUBG.

Which Bullet Has The Most Damage In PUBG?

Which Bullet Has The Most Damage In PUBG

The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the most powerful PUBG gun which includes the 300 Magnum ammo that will help you to get unlimited UC in PUBG mobile and increase your gaming experiences with the top level of players.

This gun can penetrate level 3 helmets in just a one-hit and it carries a massive rate of damage of 120

What Is The Most Effective Weapon To Use SCAR-L Or M416 In PUBG Mobile?

Here we can say that M416 is stronger than SCAR-L. Let’s look at the firing rate of M416 which is (0.086) is a tiny bit more elevated than SCAR-L which has a (0.096) firing rate.

Although we can say that M416 is a bit stronger than SCAR-L but as M416 gives a higher firing rate, it also runs out of ammo with (3.28s). Sometimes during the gameplay, you face lags and glitches, therefore, you can use here the low ping VPN for PUBG to play on stable networks without any glitches and lag issues.

Which Is The Best Scope For PUBG M416 Gun?

Normally everyone has their viewpoint according to their need or comfort zone. But you should switch the scope for M416 for different ranges of fire. In close or short combat you should use a scope like a red dot or 2x scope.

A red dot scope creates the crosshair steady when you spray bullets. That’s why M416 is on a list of the best gun combo in PUBG.

Most Stronge AR Gun In PUBG

The Beryl M762 is Arguably the best Assault Rifle in PUBG (always alongside best-of talks with the M416), merely eclipsed by the AUG, which happens to be crate-premier.

M762 uses the bullets of 7.62 and also damages high the enemy and you will have a chance to get the enemy one-on-one.

The Most Used Weapon Combo In PUBG?

M416+AWM is the most used gun combo in PUBG because you got the best guns in this combo. First, the AWM is best in all things and hit greatly in one shot, it makes the worth having risks of “AIR DROPS” for AWM. M416 is one of the best AR guns, which is good in spray, handling, and bullet speed.

Weapons always become a factor in close-range fights and for that, you also need to have good sensitivity. So you can easily cover all ranges of fights if you are facing an issue with selecting which PUBG sensitivity settings for mobile just make a click and know more details about it.

What Are The Best Guns In PUBG?

There are several best Guns in PUBG, but we choose the most used and the favorite guns let’s have look at that.

  • M416. 5.56mm. Assault
  • AWM. 7.62mm. Sniper
  • DP-28. 7.62mm. Assault
  • AKM. 7.62mm. Assault
  • Kar98. 7.62mm. Sniper
  • UZI. 9mm. SMG

These are the best guns in PUBG mobile which are great in close and long range with their bullet fire speed. You also create your own best gun combo in PUBG mobile according to your strength and skills.

If you also want to know what is the highest level in PUBG and want to reach the top rank list on the PUBG server. Then just have a look at it carefully and get reach the top ranking list of PUBG mobile. You will know each & everything like how many points you need and what you have to do to reach the Conqueror tier.

Deadliest Gun Combos In PUBG Mobile

There are several deadliest gun in PUBG mobile, which provides high damage plus are more effective according to their strength. So let’s have a look below in order to know about the deadliest guns.

  1. AWM – an airdrop gun
  2. Groza – an airdrop weapon
  3. Mk14 – weapon of airdrop
  4. AKM – no airdrop gun
  5. UZI –  no airdrop weapon
  6. S12K Shotgun – in-game normal weapon
  7. M416 – in-game normal gun 

These are the most effective guns in PUBG, with their damage, firing speed, and range too.

Is M249 More Profitable Than M416?

In the medium or medium-long range, the M416 wins effortlessly. So the greatest real advantage gift the M249 has is Mag capacity.

Which Gun Has The Less Recoil In PUBG Mobile Game?

The AUG A3 is a less recoil gun in PUBG mobile and is even known as the gun with “no recoil”. The recoil of the gun is incredibly low and any player can handle it very easily, even if they are a beginner.

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