No Lag VPNs Gaming Best VPNs For Gaming In Australia 2024 – Australia Gaming VPNs

Best VPNs For Gaming In Australia 2024 – Australia Gaming VPNs


Best VPNs For Gaming In Australia

Gaming has become more of a profession along with a passion for some in recent times. In Australia popularity of online games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, etc. have risen quickly in a few years. But sometimes gamers face some difficulty in having full access to these games. So if you are one of them then we are here to help you out. We will let you know some of the best gaming VPN Australia by which anyone can get access to their favorite games. 

Why Do Gamers Need A VPN For Gaming?

A VPN can help you in so many ways whether you are a regular or part-time gamer. Below here we have some points so you can know why gamers should use VPN.

  • Avails Server locations spread across the world.
  • Fast speeds of downloading and uploading.
  • Good privacy and data protection policy.
  • Good support to its customers.
  • Keep your game away from the reach of hackers.
  • Get dresses or skins not available in Australia.
  • Hide identity while playing.

Thus for these and many such reasons, a player would require a VPN for a smooth and better gaming experience. Keeping these features and requirements in mind, we will now read about some of the best VPNs for gaming in Australia which can be used for gaming in Australia. 

5 Best VPN for Gaming Australia 2024

5 Best VPN for Gaming Australia

Below you can read all the information we have gathered about the best VPNs for gaming in Australia. So you can choose any of them to play your favorite game in Australia without having any problem.

Nord VPN (Best Gaming VPN Australia)

NordVPN is a great choice if you thrive for speed. Especially, while playing intense games which require a high-speed internet connection, a player would love to have a VPN that provides him with the fastest speed. It comes with a download speed of 5% when you are connected to a local server. This fits perfectly for games such as PUBG and Fortnite so that you do not lose because of low speed.

It has more than 5600 servers in the world and up to 200 city-level servers spread in Australia only. It comes with compatibility for all Operating systems as well as gaming consoles. 

Nord VPN also comes with P2P servers, which are boosted, keeping in mind the torrenting requirements of the gamers. It also comes with double-encryption servers which ensure security and privacy to the gamers, if they want to hide their identity. 

Express VPN (Fastest Gaming VPN Australia)

On the Australian servers specifically, the speed that is provided by Express VPN is amazing. It has city-level servers in 4 locations in Australia. Its network is quite wide, with 3000 servers spread across 94 countries. This helps the gamers to compete efficiently with rival gamers from all around the world. 

Express VPN can be easily used on all the major Operating systems and devices, including gaming consoles. It provides unlimited bandwidth to the users so that they can play as much as they want. Also, it comes with AES-256 bit encryption, which makes it the most secure VPN for ensuring the privacy of the player. 

Private Internet Access VPN

It is a very strong VPN service with advanced network settings. Private Internet Access comes with very strong and fast speeds which always give good test scores. It is a well-designed and easy-to-use app, whose configuration is very suitable for gamers. You can use it on 10 devices at a time.

Private Internet Access speed and privacy features make sure that the gamers in Australia are provided with a smooth and safe gaming experience.

Although it comes with only 150 servers spread across 59 countries, it can provide up to 7000 IP addresses to the users. So you can play your games from any server or location you want.

CyberGhost (Best VPN for Gaming Australia)

CyberGhost is a very efficient VPN service provider for all purposes, especially for gaming. It is a very famous option for speed and security in Australia. It comes with lightning-fast servers, which go up to 6990 in number, and are spread across 113 locations.

It is a great option for players who wish to hide their IP addresses while playing. It provides total privacy and anonymity to the users.CyberGhost is well-known to unblock any game which is not even present in Australia. Also, it can work on almost every device and Operating system. 

Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot Shield is an affordable option for people who do not wish to spend a lot on buying a VPN. It is a good option for gaming because of its high speed and amazing unblocking capabilities. You will also get server locations spread across 6 cities of Australia. 

It comes with a free as well as a paid subscription, which you can choose from based on your requirements. Hotspot Shield also has many server locations and the criteria of split tunneling. 

Although, its privacy protocols are not that superior and thus it is a good option for unblocking and acquiring speed, but not for privacy needs.

VyprVPN (Best VPN for Gaming Australia)

VyprVPN is a good option in terms of providing high speed to the users for the purpose of a smooth gaming experience. It can provide gamers with up to 200,000 IP addresses to choose from in order to hide their identity and keep anonymity while playing. 

The company will also avail you of servers around the world. Especially when we talk about Australia, it has many servers spread across Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. 

IP Vanish VPN (Cheap VPN for Gaming in Australia)

IP Vanish comes with a limited number of servers. It has only 1300 servers located in around 50 countries. Out of these, 2 servers are located in the West Coast region of Australia. Thus, people living in that area might find it to be a good option for their usage. 

Its speed is a beneficial point though. You can lose no more than 10% of your original speed while using IP Vanish, which makes it a good choice for high-speed gaming.

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Conclusion – Best VPNs for gaming in Australia

Thus, we have read about some of the best gaming VPN Australia, which is best suited to the needs of gamers. These VPNs have great usage and popularity in Australia and thus are considered to be the best for Australian gamers. On the basis of your likings and requirements, you can choose the perfect option for yourself.

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