No Lag VPNs Gaming How To Get Unbanned From Valorant? [Ban Appeal Valorant]

How To Get Unbanned From Valorant? [Ban Appeal Valorant]


How To Get Unbanned From Valorant?

If you are searching for ways to get unbanned from Valorant, then you’ve come to the right guide. Here, we will discuss all the possible ways through which you can ban appeal Valorant & access without any restrictions.

Getting banned in Valorant can be frustrating, especially if you feel the ban was unjustified. Fortunately, Riot Games does allow you to appeal bans in Valorant to potentially get your account unbanned. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about appealing a Valorant ban and getting your Valorant account unbanned.

Overview Of Valorant Bans

Riot Games issues a ban in Valorant for cheating, abusive behavior, and other violations of the Terms of Service. Bans can range from temporary suspensions to permanent bans.

If you’ve been banned, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the ban’s reason, length, and other details. Temporary bans are usually 3, 7, 14, or 30 days long. Permanent bans are indefinite. If you believe you have been banned unfairly or want to appeal your ban, you can submit a ban appeal Valorant to possibly get unbanned from Valorant.

How To Appeal A Valorant Ban?

How To Appeal Valorant Ban?

If you wish to remove the ban appeal Valorant, here are the steps to follow:

1. Submit a Ban Appeal Ticket: Go to Riot Games Support and submit a ticket under “Valorant In-Game Ban Appeals”. Explain why you feel the ban was unjustified or too harsh.

2. Provide Evidence Supporting Your Appeal: Give strong evidence showing you didn’t actually violate the rules leading to your ban. This can include screenshots, videos, etc.

3. Be Patient: It takes time for Riot to thoroughly investigate ban appeals. The whole process usually takes 7-14 days. Avoid submitting multiple tickets as that can slow the process. 

4. Accept the Final Decision: If your appeal is rejected, the ban will stay in effect. Continuing to dispute a rejected appeal likely won’t change the outcome.

By following these steps you will be able to get unbanned from Valorant by ban appeal on Valorant. By following as same steps you can also get unbanned from Instagram Live.

What Gets Valorant Bans Overturned?

Riot does overturn some Valorant bans after investigation. Common reasons for a successful ban appeal Valorant to get unbanned from Valorant include:

  • Being incorrectly banned by their detection systems (false positives).
  • Ban evasion caused by a sibling/roommate/friend playing on your account.
  • Ban triggered by software that wasn’t actually cheating (e.g. visual impairment aids).  
  • Punishment being disproportionate to the offense.

However, Riot is very strict on upholding bans for clear cheating, hacking, exploits, harassment, and other toxic behavior. Appeals citing reasons like you were “just joking around” or “it was only one time” are almost always rejected.

Is There A Way To Appeal A Ban On Valorant?

Yes, you can appeal it by submitting a support ticket at Riot Games under “Valorant Ban Appeals“. Be sure to provide strong evidence like screenshots and videos demonstrating your innocence

You’ll need to be patient during the 7-14 day investigation period before Riot makes a final decision. If your ban appeal Valorant succeeds, your account access will be restored within 72 hours. However, permanent bans are harder to overturn than temporary bans. 

With solid proof though, some players have managed to get wrongly issued bans rescinded through the appeals process.

So, it’s worth submitting an appeal if you have evidence showing you were unfairly banned and get unbanned from Valorant, just as it’s worth contacting customer support if you were wrongly blocked from Fetch Rewards so you can provide information to get unblocked from fetch rewards.

How To Recover A Banned Valorant Account?

Here we have listed the steps to get unbanned from Valorant account, follow them.

  • Appeal the ban by submitting a ticket to Riot Support on the Valorant Ban Appeals page.
  • Provide strong evidence like screenshots, videos, and chat logs proving your innocence.
  • Explain in detail why you feel the ban was unjustified or too harsh.
  • Be patient during the 1–2 week investigation period for your ban appeal Valorant.
  • Persistently yet politely follow up if you do not hear back after 2 weeks.
  • Accept that overturned bans are uncommon but possible.
  • Some players have succeeded in recovering banned accounts through well-evidenced appeals.
  • The more proof you can provide, the better your chances of the ban being rescinded.
  • If your appeal fails, the ban will stay in effect with no further recourse.

Can You Get Perma Banned On Valorant For Being Toxic?

Yes, it is possible to get permanently banned in Valorant for toxic behavior. Such as racism, sexism, harassment, threats, or extreme verbal abuse. Riot has a zero-tolerance policy, so habitual offenders face escalating punishments.

How Long Do Val Bans Last?

Valorant bans range from 3-7 days for minor first offenses, up to permanent bans for players with multiple extremely toxic offenses. Punishment duration increases progressively based on number of offenses and severity of behavior.

How To Get Unbanned From Valorant Discord?

Here are some tips for getting unbanned from the Valorant Discord server by raising ban appeal Valorant and get unbanned from Valorant Discord:

  • Appeal the ban by emailing the server moderators at Be polite in your appeal.
  • Explain what led to you being banned and apologize sincerely if you broke any rules. Take responsibility. 
  • Provide context if there were any misunderstandings or extenuating circumstances.
  • Ask politely if they would reconsider the ban after reviewing your case again.
  • Assure them you have learned from the experience and won’t break rules again if unbanned.
  • Wait patiently as they review your appeal. Don’t pester them repeatedly as that may hurt your case.
  • If they uphold the ban, accept it graciously, and consider if starting fresh in a new Discord community may be wise.
  • If unbanned, express your gratitude and recommit to following all server guidelines moving forward.
  • Avoid actions that got you banned originally when given a second chance. Redeem yourself.

With a thoughtful appeal explaining your situation, acceptance of responsibility, and promise to improve, you may convince them to overturn an unjustified Valorant Discord ban. But success is not guaranteed.

How To Get Unbanned From Valorant Hardware Ban?

Getting unbanned from a Valorant hardware ban is extremely difficult, but here are some potential steps to try:

  • File a ticket at Riot Support explaining why you feel the hardware ban was issued incorrectly. Provide any evidence that it was a mistake.
  • Be 100% truthful in your ticket. Any deceit or excuses could undermine your ban appeal Valorant.
  • If the hardware ban was triggered by someone else using your computer, explain the situation in detail.
  • You may need to submit hardware info like computer specs to prove a new device is in use.
  • Request that your case be escalated to higher support staff as needed.
  • Try reaching out politely on social media if support tickets are unanswered.
  • Ensure all software running while playing Valorant is legitimate and not tampered.
  • Double check system files related to Valorant have not been altered.
  • Be patient and persistent without being annoying to Riot support staff.
  • If ultimately rejected, the hardware ban will stay in place. Accept the final decision gracefully.
  • Obtaining new hardware like a computer or installing a fresh OS may be required in some cases to get unbanned from Valorant Discord.

Getting reversing a Valorant hardware ban is challenging, but providing evidence of mistakes or misunderstandings can potentially convince Riot to overturn it in some instances. But there are no guarantees.

How To Avoid Getting Banned From Valorant?

To avoid getting banned on Valorant, the best thing you can do is behave appropriately while playing. Avoid actions like queue dodging, going AFK during matches, being toxic to other players, or intentionally using abilities to disrupt your own team

Don’t cheat, be abusive, throw games, spam chats, boost, false report, multi-account, use untrusted software, or repeat offenses. Follow the code of conduct, act respectfully, play fairly, and avoid shady behaviors

If incorrectly banned, politely appeal through Ban Appeal Valorant with evidence. But avoid excuses. Reforming your behavior is key to avoiding further bans and needing to Get Unbanned From Valorant.

How Long Does It Take For Riot To Review A Valorant Ban Appeal?

It typically takes 7-14 days for Riot to fully investigate and make a final decision on a Valorant ban appeal.

What Are The Chances My Valorant Ban Gets Overturned On Appeal?

Overturned bans are uncommon but do happen in cases with strong evidence proving innocence. Estimates suggest 5-10% of well-evidenced appeals succeed.

Can I Get Unbanned From Valorant Hardware Ban?

Hardware bans are very difficult to overturn but can potentially be lifted if you provide irrefutable proof the ban was applied incorrectly through a Ban Appeal Valorant. If successful in overturning the hardware ban, you may be able to get unbanned from Valorant.