No Lag VPNs Gaming How To Increase Merit In PUBG? Earn PUBG Merit Instantly

How To Increase Merit In PUBG? Earn PUBG Merit Instantly


How To Increase Merit In PUBG

In the PUBG Mobile game, 100 Merit Points are awarded to players. This decreases by 30 per game in the event of killing your own players. The player must keep a minimum of 60 merit points on his profile in order to avail of the multigame feature, here I will show how to increase Merit in PUBG  “PlayerUnknown Battleground”.

A lower number of Merit Points available In PUBG Mobile has created a whole new source of frustration. With the increasing number of incidents involving using aimbots as well as hacks, PUBG Mobile has a new method of preventing cheating and hacking in the game.

Additionally, in the past, they have witnessed players being exiled permanently or confronting Merit Points issues that take a significant amount of time to correct. Take a look below in order to know how to increase merit in PUBG instantly.

How I Rise Merit Points If I Have Less Than 60 Merit In PUBG Mobile?

The player’s merit is reduced by 30 points if the player kills a teammate. It could happen following several warnings and, sometimes it happens in rare instances that it can decrease the merit by 50 or more points.

How I Rise Merit Points If I Have Less Than 60 Merit In PUBG Mobile

There is the solution to increasing merit in less time is quite easy.“How to raise PUBG merit

One and only way to increase merit points in PUBG is to play solo classic matches. Another possible way is the distribution of points based on the way you complete the game.

  • Complete top 10 you will get +3 points
  • Complete the top 11th-50th-place/Position game you will get +2 points
  • For the complete game between the range of 51st-100th, you will get +1 point

These are steps you need to follow to gain your PUBG mobile merit.

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How To Increase Your Merit In PUBG Fast If You’re Not Having More Than 60?

These are the steps you need to follow to increase PUBG merit points, have a look below.

  • Start playing SOLO Traditional Matches.
  • The distribution of points is determined by how well you did the game.
  •  Maintain an eye on the merit of the point by simply visiting the profile

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How To Increase Merit In PUBG Mobile Game Without Playing?

You have to play in order to improve your PUBG rank because there is only one way you can increase PUBG merit by playing as much as you can.

If you join forces with a cheater several times per week, for each offense 15 merit points be cut. You will also know the best gun combo in PUBG Mobile for killing enemies from a distance with perfect aim.

If you kill your teammates and are reported or discovered the merit PUBG points are recalculated in a proper manner.

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Why Is My Merit Not Growing In PUBG?

Your rank will increase only when you take part in matches on your own and points of merits are earned based on your ranking. You must play more matches every day. If your score is lower than 60, then you’ll be limited to single matches only.

You must play matches in solo mode to improve your standing. So just follow all the steps to know How To Increase Merit In PUBG, this is the only way you can grow your merit in PUBG.

Which Map Is Ideal To Increase Merit In PUBG?

Which Map Is Ideal To Increase Merit In PUBG

Six maps are available for players to increase merit in PUBG in these maps, which are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, and Karakin. Of the various maps in the game, you can play any map to get merit in PUBG. The main point here you have to play in order to get your merit up in PUBG mobile.

To become a great player in PUBG, you also need good sensitivity, this is an important part of your gameplay. Getting proper control in sensitivity lets you handle any fighting situation, So make a click to know the Best PUBG Sensitivity Settings For Mobile.

What Is The Reason For Merit Loss In PUBG?

They are killing teammates (detected through the program and then reported to teammates) 20-Merit penalty on the first offense. In the event of multiple violations within seven days, the second incident results in a 30 Merit loss. Each subsequent incident is a loss of 60 points.

Playing game is a best chose to reduce your stress but it will not become an addiction. There are so many Side effects of PUBG that you must know to avoid the use of PUBG too much.

What Happens If You Lose Merit In PUBG?

Well, if you have known” how to get your merit up in PUBG mobile”, you will be taken away from particular privileges and get penalties. The lower the Merit point you have, the worse it will become. Fundamentally, you have to keep your Merit points in PUBG Mobile above 90 points and simply, don’t let it fall below 60 points.

If you want to be on the list of the highest level in PUBG then must check out more information that will help you to know how to do that and also other benefits.

Get Conquerer achievement and more in-game level increase information like which PUBG level will give you great outfits and achievements.

How Do I Check My PUBG Merit?

These are the steps that will help you to know to check your merit, take a look below in order to know.

How Do I Check My PUBG Merit
  1. Start up PUBG Mobile from your mobile.
  2. Tap the icon of your player at the upper right edge of your screen.
  3. Select the Tier Overview tab, and the Merit score will appear in the lower left corner. For a reminder that the higher your score, the better, So try to score 100

You need to use the given steps in order to know your merit. So use these steps and start playing with your friends again.

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How Do You Acquire PUBG Merit?

In order to increase merit in PUBG, you need to play the classic games, matches will help to earn the merit. You will get merits for finishing the top 10 positions, and you will earn 2 merits after finishing 11th to 50th place.

You will get a single merit when you die in position 51st to 100th place. This is the only way to earn or increase merit. Many online games are coming into the market and keep growing. As we all know, mobile games have kept growing since the pandemic, so just check out the Here Are Five Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Game.

Does Merit Increase In PUBG Automatically?

The players can fix the merit via good manners in Classic Mode. They will obtain 3 merits for finishing in the top 10 positions, while a finish between 11th and 50th place would earn them 2 merits and single merit for 51st to 100th place. Asunder from this, there is no other method to raise merit.

All of this means you have to play in order to increase merit in PUBG and it will increase match by match just according to your positions. Even also it will help you to get more achievements too just by playing.

What Are The Merit Points In PUBG?

A player originally begins off with 100 Merit Points, which is the highest score on the ranking. Subsequently, any wrongdoing in the game through the player will be punished by a reduction in the player’s Merit score, when reported through a teammate for one special or multiple reasons.

What Is A Merit Base In PUBG?

Merit base is for teammates, which will help to play as a squad and if someone’s trying to ruin their teamwork. So it will decrease the merit of killing their teammate. At once it decreases then you have to play alone to gain again, so you can understand the value of teamwork.


You have to follow the steps in order to know “How to gain merit in PUBG mobile”. These are all steps to increase merit in PUBG and other stuff too, although if you are facing a high ping issue or network issue I will provide you with the greatest VPNs.

This helps you to play with less ping and includes a lot of networks so play in the whole world without any interruption.

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