No Lag VPNs Gaming Loop Dungeon Tier List 2024 [Updated Complete Guide]

Loop Dungeon Tier List 2024 [Updated Complete Guide]


Loop Dungeon Tier List - No Lag VPNs

Looking for a Loop Dungeon Tier list 2024 so you have to come to the right place. This guide provides a list of Loop Dungeons which helps you to select the best team in the game.

Loop Dungeon is an adventure game where you explore a magical maze that keeps looping. Whenever you take a step in the dungeon, new obstacles and rewards pop up. Your aim is to explore as far as possible, gather things, battle creatures, and solve puzzles in this always-changing adventure.

As you continue playing, you’ll acquire more cards and special items to boost your collection’s power. With a wide variety of cards and items to choose from, it can be a bit challenging to determine the best ones. That’s where a Loop Dungeon best tier list comes in handy. 

A tier list ranks cards and relics from best to worst, so you know which ones to prioritize in your runs. Keep reading to learn about the top tier cards, best Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Team Guide and relics in Loop Dungeon.

Loop Dungeon Tier List

  • Withstand
  • Dwarf-Beast
  • The Balanced


If you’re searching for a strong team that can handle any battle, the Healer Team is your best choice. This team in the game includes Ashkern as the main damage dealer, Florence as a support who can also take some hits, Magnus as the main protector, Groll (or a backup like Agni) as the secondary protector, and Shine as the second backup and helper.

In this game team, Magnus and Ashkern do their usual roles. Ashkern deals damage from a distance, while Magnus is the main damage source. Florence gives a buff that reduces damage to everyone close by, which should include Magnus, Shine, and either Groll or Agni if you choose to use them instead of Groll in the game.


This team has Iris as the main attacker, Ashkern for area attacks, Mag as the main protector, Scar as a front-line support, and Tanya as a protective back-line tank.

Ashkern does attacks that hit a lot of enemies, while Iris focuses on one target. 

But because of a special ability, Iris can hit multiple enemies in a line. If the battle goes on for a while and Iris can use her special move, the enemies will get stunned. This gives you time to hurt them more without them attacking you, but only until they get hit again. 

The stun might not last long, but every moment is important. When using Iris, make sure to give her a special item that heals her a bit when she hits enemies. Without it, she’s not very good and can be frustrating to use since she’ll get defeated quickly.

Scar is like a backup protector, being at the front and taking hits from enemies. Just like with Iris, it’s important to give Scar an item that heals when hitting enemies so that he can be really helpful.

Tanya stays at the back, guarding Ashkern. This is called “blocking”. She can be built to do a lot of damage, but for beginners, it’s okay if she’s not super strong. Her main job is to help Mag and stop enemies from attacking the back-line attackers.

The Balanced

The Human Comp team is really friendly for beginners. It has Ashkern as the DPS and Shine as the healer. This team is good if you like playing in a balanced way, thinking about both attacking and defending

Magnus and Lunella together are strong at being tanks. Vanessa and Zephyr do a lot of damage from far away. Olivia can be a great support and DPS if you build her the right way. Her special move can make the team do much more damage. 

In general, the Elf/Magnus Comp team is well-rounded. It can deal with different challenges in the Loop Dungeon Idle RPG game.

What Are The Best Cards In Loop Dungeon?

Landscape Cards are important because they fit into specific spots around the loop, making it simple to put them down and make combos. 

The three that you begin your journey with are really worth keeping. Mountains, Rocks, and Meadows are definitely among the top cards in the game. 

Best Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Team Guide 2024

Best Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Team Guide - No Lag VPNs

Here is a helpful guide that tells you about the most effective teams you can use in the Loop Dungeon Idle RPG game. It helps you understand which characters and strategies work well together to make your gameplay better.

Loop Dungeon Basic Team

This team is simple and good for starting out. It’s made up of characters that are easy to use and don’t need complicated tactics. This team helps you learn the game and progress smoothly.

Healer Team

This team focuses on characters who can heal your other characters. Healing means making their health go up. This team is great for staying in battles longer and not getting defeated easily.

Dwarf-Beast Combo

This team combines Dwarf and Beast characters. Dwarves are strong and tough, while Beasts can do a lot of damage. When you put them together, they make a powerful team with both strength and attack power.

Human Comp

Human Comp stands for “composition”. In Loop Dungeon Tier List this team has a good mix of characters. Some are strong attackers, and some can protect the team. It’s a balanced group that’s useful in different situations.

Elf/Magnus Comp

This team mixes Elves and Magnus characters. Elves can shoot from far away, and Magnus characters are sturdy. When you use them together, you get a team that’s well-rounded and can deal with many challenges.

The “Best Loop Dungeon RPG Tier List Team Guide” explains different teams you can use in the game. These teams have different strengths and strategies, making it easier for you to choose the one that matches your playstyle and helps you succeed in the game.

How Do You Heal Between Battles In Loop Dungeon?

In Loop Dungeon, there are a few ways to heal between battles. One way is by using healing items that you may find or purchase during your journey. 

You can also get health back by making your character stronger through leveling up. Some classes or skills might have healing abilities that help you regain your level. 

However, it’s important to note that there is no specific “healing in points” mechanic mentioned in the search results. Therefore, it seems that healing in Loop Dungeon is not directly tied to a points system.

What Are The Best Relics In Loop Dungeon Tier List?

The best relics in Loop Dungeon can vary based on your team and strategy. Generally, look for relics that improve damage, healing, and survivability. However, there isn’t a fixed tier list as effectiveness can change depending on your gameplay style.

What Is The Easiest Way To Win In Loop Dungeon?

Here are some simple points on the easiest way to win in Loop Dungeon:

  • Upgrade Characters: Make your characters stronger by leveling them up and improving their gear.
  • Build a Balanced Team: Choose characters with different abilities like attack, defense, and healing for a strong team.
  • Use Special Moves: Learn when to use each character’s special moves for extra power in battles.
  • Strategic Placement: Position your characters strategically on the battlefield to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Collect Rewards: Keep collecting rewards and resources to help your team grow.
  • Learn Enemy Patterns: Pay attention to enemy attacks and patterns to dodge or counter them.
  • Adapt and Adjust: Change your tactics based on the challenges you face to stay ahead.

What Are The Different Characters In Loop Dungeon Tier List?

Loop Dungeon offers an immersive gaming experience with its diverse range of characters. Each character in Loop Dungeon possesses unique abilities and skills. In Loop Dungeon has different characters such as Warrior, Rogue and Necromancer.

What Is The Best Class In Loop Dungeon In 2024?

The best class in Loop Dungeon RPG Tier List¬† is the Necromancer. It’s powerful and can summon helpers to fight with you. This makes battles easier and more fun.

Is Loop Dungeon Game On Playstation?

Loop Dungeon is not available on PlayStation. It might be on other platforms, but not on PlayStation.

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