No Lag VPNs Gaming Sun Counter Mobile Legends [Get Strongest & Weak Heros] 

Sun Counter Mobile Legends [Get Strongest & Weak Heros] 


Sun counter Mobile Legends

Play the Sun counter Mobile Legends and defeat the Sun with your favorite heroes and get additional tips. 

Sun is one of the strongest damage-dealing fighters in Mobile Legends. However, he can be countered by certain heroes and strategies. With his high burst damage and disruptive crowd control skills, a skilled Sun can dominate games if left unchecked.

This article will discuss how to Sun counter Mobile Legends, which heroes are good counters, and provide tips to reduce their damage.

How Do You Counter Sun In Mobile Legends?

The key to countering Sun is to avoid clumping together where his skills can hit multiple targets. Sun’s area damage relies on enemies grouping up, so staying spread out reduces his effectiveness. 

It’s also important to build magic defense items like Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, and Oracle to reduce his damage. CC skills that can interrupt Sun’s skills like stuns, knock-ups and silences are also very effective.

Which Hero Can Counter Sun In Mobile Legends?

Some of the most effective hero counters to Sun are:

  • Khufra – His bounce can interrupt Sun’s skills and his ball form makes him resistant to Sun’s damage. His ult also prevents Sun from escaping.
  • Chou – Chou can kick Sun during his skill animations, stopping his damage. His high mobility allows him to evade Sun’s AoE attacks.
  • Silvanna – Her shield and stuns let her tank Sun’s damage and interrupt his skills. She can also push him away with her ult.
  • Ruby – With life steal and CC immunity, Ruby sustains through Sun’s damage and stops his combos. She can also chase him effectively.
  • Esmeralda – Her shield grants magic defense to counter Sun. She can also be immune to his control effects and sustain with high life.

What Are Some Tips For Playing Against Sun In Mobile Legends?

Tips For Playing Against Sun In Mobile Legends

Here are some of the interesting tips to defeat the sun in the sun counter:

  • Team up to take down Sun. His 1v1 power is immense, so fights alongside allies to focus him down. Unity defeats this solo hero.
  • Interrupt Sun’s combos with crowd control like Chou’s knock-ups, Franco’s hooks, and Kaja’s pulls. Shutting down his skills cripples him.
  • Poke safely from range. As a melee hero, Sun thrives up close. Keep your distance and whittle him down if you’re a marksman or mage.
  • Focus the real Sun in teamfights. His clones are distractions – ending the real Sun ends his threat. Tunnel vision on the prime target.
  • Use Arrival, Purify and Execute as battle spells. Arrival lets you gang up on Sun, Purify stops his crowd control, and Execute finishes him off when low health. Pick strategically.
  • Stay close to your teammates so that you can help each other take down Sun’s clones.
  • Use crowd control skills to lock down Sun and prevent him from using his skills.
  • If you are a ranged hero, poke Sun from a safe distance and prevent him from getting close enough to use his clones.
  • Focus on the real Sun and kill him as quickly as possible.

Can Yu Zhong Counter Sun Mobile Legends?

Yu Zhong is an excellent Sun counter thanks to his magic defense from Dragon form and his strong crowd control skills. When Yu Zhong activates Black Dragon form, he gains high magic resistance, allowing him to tank Sun’s damage. 

Yu Zhong can also interrupt Sun’s skills with his knock-up, stun, and knock-back skills. His ultimate also prevent Sun from escaping team fights.

Is Sun Powerful In Mobile Legends?

Yes, Sun is one of the most powerful Fighters in Mobile Legends right now. His first skill provides an AoE knock-up and deals substantial area damage. His second skill shoots fire clones that track enemies, dealing massive damage in a large area around him. 

Sun’s passive also enhances his basic attacks after using skills. Combined together, these skills allow Sun to dish out incredible AoE damage. Sun is a great pick in team fights and excels at pushing lanes quickly. A fed Sun can easily carry games if not countered properly.

Can Aldous Beat Sun In The Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

In the early to midgame, a skilled Sun can defeat Aldous thanks to Sun’s strong crowd control and burst damage. However, in the late game, after Aldous has stacked his passive, the tables turn in Aldous’s favor. 

Once Aldous has full stacks, the true damage from his punches and immunity from control effects allows him to overwhelm Sun. Aldous can withstand Sun’s damage while pounding him with repeated knock-ups and devastating punches. 

Sun will have a hard time running away as well since Aldous’s ultimate gives him high mobility to chase. So while Sun dominates early, a farmed Aldous will surpass him late game.

How Do You Counter Sun Damage?

Here are some tips to counter Sun’s heavy damage output:

  • Build magic defense items like Athena’s Shield, Oracle, and Radiant Armor. This reduces his skill damage significantly.
  • Avoid clumping together so his skills don’t hit multiple targets. Stay spread out.
  • Use heroes with CC skills to interrupt Sun’s skill combos. Khufra, Chou, and Silvanna are great examples.
  • Purchase Immortality or Winter Truncheon to survive his burst damage.
  • Heal with lifestyle items like Bloodlust Axe and Haas’s Claws to sustain through his poke.
  • Keep vision on Sun so he can’t flank and ambush your team with his full combo.

Who Can Counter Fanny In Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

Some effective hero counters to Fanny include:

  • Khufra – His bounce interrupts Fanny’s cables and prevents her mobility. His ultimate also traps her.
  • Franco – His hook and ultimately suppresses Fanny, stopping her movement. He can also displace her out of position.
  • Ruby – Ruby is tanky against Fanny’s damage and can sustain with lifesteal. Her CC immunity protects from crowd control.
  • Chou – Chou can kick Fanny when she tries to cable in, disrupting her combos. His mobility helps chase her.
  • Minotaur – The knock-up from his ult stops Fanny’s cables. His stun and rage buff also help lock Fanny down.
  • Diggie – His bombs interrupt Fanny’s combos and reset her energy. His ultimate protects allies from her pick-offs.

Who Is The Most Weak Hero In Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

Some of the weakest heroes currently in Mobile Legends ranked from weakest to stronger include:

  • Vexana – Squishy with weak mobility and CC. Relies heavily on her ult.
  • Faramis – No mobility and delayed skills make him very vulnerable. Provides little utility.
  • Layla – No escape tools and requires a lot of farm. Easily ganked and killed.
  • Lesley – Very item dependent. Weak against gap closers and CC.
  • Miya – Extremely vulnerable if ambushed. Weak CC and mobility.
  • Rafaela – Low damage and survivability. Offers more utility than power.

Who Is The Easiest Hero In Counter Sun Mobile Legends?

Some of the easiest heroes to play in Mobile Legends:

  • Layla – Just need to aim and shoot basic attacks. Long range makes her safe.
  • Eudora – High damage and reliable stun. Combos are straightforward.
  • Balmond – Simple skill mechanics and easy farming. Spin-to-win playstyle.
  • Zilong – Very low skill floor. Just poke and spin while splitting push.
  • Miya – Just stay behind tanks and fire away. Basic MM mechanics.
  • Saber – Point and click skills allow easy targeting. Spam skills off cooldown.

Who Is The Hardest Hero In Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

Some of the most difficult heroes that require high skill to play effectively include:

  • Fanny – Controlling cables perfectly takes incredible skill and practice.
  • Selena – Hitting arrows consistently and managing her forms takes precision.
  • Gusion – Mastering his dagger combos is very challenging.
  • Ling – Needs flawless control of his abilities and passive.
  • Hayabusa – Understanding his shadow mechanics takes experience.
  • Kagura – Using her umbrella forms correctly involves precision.

Who Is The Strongest Hero Of Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

Some of the strongest meta-heroes currently include:

  • Valentina – Incredible utility from her ult copies and skill set. Strong in any comp.
  • Xavier – Massive sustained magic damage and global ult. Great poke and wave clear.
  • Julian – Very mobile with immunity, damage, and CC. Excels at pick-offs.
  • Esmeralda – Shields provide tackiness and sustain. Destroys magic burst heroes.
  • Ling – Insane mobility and outplay potential. Can carry games solo.
  • Wanwan – Lethal DPS once she unlocks ult. Shreds even tanks in late game.

Who Can Counter Aldous In Sun Counter Mobile Legends?

Here are some effective hero counters for Aldous:

  • Diggie – His bombs interrupt Aldous’s punches and reset his stacks. Ult protects allies.
  • Khufra – Bounce can displace Aldous before he lands punches. Ult also secures Aldous.
  • Chou – Kick stops Aldous’s combos and punches. High mobility to evade.
  • Popol and Kupa – Kupa can stun lock Aldous preventing his damage.
  • Vale – Long range and high burst can kill Aldous before he reaches full stacks.
  • Guinevere – Jumping ult allows her to avoid Aldous’s punches while stunning him.

What Are The Weaknesses Of Sun In Mobile Legends?

Sun’s weaknesses in Mobile Legends are his reliance on skill shots, low mobility, and vulnerability to crowd control. Interrupting his skills and staying spread out reduces his damage.

How Do I Counter Sun’s Clones In Mobile Legends?

To counter Sun’s clones, have heroes with AoE damage clear them quickly. Avoid grouping them on you and build magic defense items to reduce their damage. Focus Sun while avoiding his clones’ explosions.