No Lag VPNs Gaming Base Town Hall 3 Layout & Links [Best TH3 Base 2024]

Base Town Hall 3 Layout & Links [Best TH3 Base 2024]


town hall 3 base

Base Town Hall 3 is a major milestone for many Clash of Clans players. Upgrading to Town Hall 3 base unlocks key new buildings, troops, and opportunities for strategic base design. 

This guide will provide tips on optimizing your Town Hall 3 base layout and making the most of the new additions that come with Town Hall 3. At this stage in the game, proper base building and upgrade prioritization become critical to defend against stronger attacks.

Town Hall 3 also introduces clan perks, so players should take the time to understand the new gameplay dynamics and attack strategies enabled by Town Hall 3. With smart planning, Town Hall 3 can launch players to new heights in Clash of Clans.

Overview Of Base Town Hall 3

Town Hall 3 is an important upgrade that unlocks new defenses like the Mortar, new resource buildings, and new troops like Wall Breakers and Healers. This allows for improved offense with a larger army capacity and better defense against hordes with splash damage. 

Overall, the TH3 base introduces a dark elixir, expands strategies, and lays the foundation for future TH levels. But it also means facing tougher opponents, so upgrading defenses quickly is key. TH3 marks an exciting milestone for villages.

Best Town Hall 3 Base Link [Anti Everything You Need]

Looking to redesign your base Town Hall 3? Check out these layout links for inspiration, showcasing proven styles from top players. View top-rated Town Hall 3 war and farming base links to fix flaws and better defend your village.

Anti Everything Base For Town Hall 3

Copy this battle-tested layout that bunkers the Town Hall behind layers of walls and criss-crossed compartments.

Anti Everything Town Hall 3 Base

This battle-hardened war base design buries the Town Hall behind layers of walls, with Mortars covering all approaches.

Base Town Hall 3 Layout

Protect your loot with this farming layout that centralizes Mortars and uses outer buildings as bait for attackers.

Best th3 Anti Everything Base

Clever trap placement surrounds defenses in this anti-hog base, wiping out Wall Breakers with hidden Giant Bombs.

Best th3 base Archer and Barbarian

Showcase your skill with this pro-level trophy base centralized layout to push leagues and protect trophies.

Best th3 Defence Base Layout

Lead troops into traps with this deceptive island-style war base divided into misleading quadrants.

Best Town Hall 3 Base Link

Prioritize saving Dark Elixir with this TH3 layout that uses layers of walls to secure the storage in the core.

TH3 War Base Layout

Minimize splash damage against defenses by utilizing the entire map in this spacious, spread-out village design.

War Base For TH3

Wall Breakers must choose their point of attack in this segmented base divided into four walled quadrants.

War Base Layout For TH3

Overcome weaker walls by forcing wall breakers into a zig-zag maze-like path in this layout.

Clash Of Clans Th3 Base Design Tips

Here are some key tips for designing a strong base at Town Hall level 3 in Clash of Clans:

  • Centralize Defenses – Place key defenses like Mortars, Wizard Towers, and Air Defenses toward the interior of your base. This protects them and allows them to cover more ground.
  • Create Compartments – Use walls to divide your base into compartments. This funnels attackers into designed paths ideal for traps and defenses.
  • Leave Gaps – Don’t crowd buildings too close together. Leave 1-2 tiles between structures for traps, clan reinforcements, and future adjustments.
  • Spread Storages – Evenly distribute elixir and gold storages in separate compartments to avoid losing too much in one attack.
  • Protect the Town Hall – Use multiple layers of walls and defenses to protect your vulnerable Town Hall at TH3. Loss hurts trophies.
  • Funnel to Splash Damage – Carefully funnel attackers inward toward centered Mortars and Wizard Towers using walls and buildings.
  • Upgrade Wisely – Prioritize key defenses like Mortars and Air Bombs early. The offense can wait. Maxed defenses deter attackers.
  • Trap Enemy Pathing – Spring Traps, Bombs and Giant Bombs placed strategically along enemy funnels can devastate troops.

Experiment with layouts using these tips to find the right balance of protection, compartmentalization, and pathing at TH3. The optimal design depends on your priorities and play style.

Best Town Hall 3 Base Layout Strategies

The best TH3 layouts centralize mortars and wizard towers inside multiple walls to protect the Town Hall and resources. Compartments funnel troops toward defenses. Storages are spread evenly to avoid huge losses. Outer walls are closed off completely with no gaps. Key defenses like mortars are upgraded first for strong protection. Adjustments are made based on attack trends faced in war.

How To Protect Resources At Th3 Clash Of Clans?

Here are some tips for protecting resources at Town Hall level 3 in Clash of Clans:

  • Upgrade your walls and defenses. Higher-level walls and defenses will better protect your resources from being stolen. Focus on upgrading your mortars, wizard towers, and cannons first.
  • Use a farming base layout. This concentrates defenses and storage in the center of your base, with other buildings scattered around the outside. Make sure to protect your Town Hall inside your base.
  • Spend excess resources on upgrades. Don’t let your gold or elixir get too full before spending them on upgrades. This will make you less of an attractive target.
  • Join a clan and request troops for defense. Defensive troops donated by clanmates can help protect your base when you get attacked.
  • Log off when you won’t be playing for a while. This makes your base unavailable to attack.
  • Protect your Town Hall and Clan Castle inside your base. Destroying these gives less loot to attackers.

The key is upgrading defenses, protecting key buildings inside a farming base, and spending excess resources to make your baseless tempting to other players. Let me know if you need any clarification!

How Should I Design My Town Hall 3 Base?

At Town Hall 3, a more advanced base building comes into play. Focus on centralizing your mortar and clan castle. Use walls to segment your base into compartments and funnel attackers toward splash defenses. Make sure to spread out your storage. You now have more buildings, so take time to plan out neat, organized sections for barracks, gold mines, etc. Leave room to add future buildings as well.

What Upgrade Should I Prioritize At Town Hall 3?

You should upgrade your dark barracks as soon as possible to unlock giants. Get Giants up to level 3 for an early attack strategy. For defense, focus on mortars, wizard towers, and air bombs to counter giant attacks. Make sure to upgrade resource storage for bigger hauls. Prioritize your clan castle for better troop donations.

What Army Compositions Work Well At Town Hall 3?

At the base Town Hall 3 Giants and archers form a popular cheap army for farming. Pair giants with wall breakers to bust into bases. Adding goblins makes a good option too. Healing spells support giants nicely. For air attacks, try balloons and minions. Experiment with army compositions to find your favorite.

Is Clan Castle Important At Town Hall 3?

Yes, the clan castle is hugely important even at Town Hall 3. Joining a clan allows for powerful troop donations. A clan castle full of wizards or balloons, for example, can defend against many Town Hall 3 attacks. Using those troops in your own attacks makes winning much easier.

The move to Town Hall 3 expands the possibilities in Clash of Clans. Take time to understand the new additions and optimize your base and armies. With smart upgrades and attack strategies, Town Hall 3 can be a lot of fun.

What Is Hybrid Base In CoC?

A hybrid base in Clash of Clans (COC) is a base layout that combines elements of both farming and war bases to serve dual purposes:

  • Farming Base: Focused on protecting resources and storage. More open layout to allow easy access to collectors for raiding.
  • War Base: Focused on defending the Town Hall and clan castle. More centralized and compartmentalized design.

Key Features of a Hybrid Base:

  • Some storages are centralized, and some spread out in compartments
  • Outside buildings are spaced in rings to absorb damage
  • Inner defenses are clustered around the Town Hall and clan castle
  • External collectors openly exposed for easy raiding

A hybrid base attempts to balance both resource protection for farming and solid war defense. This allows a COC player to use one layout for all activities instead of switching between war and farming bases.

While not specialized, a hybrid base can serve well for players who both farm resources and participate in clan wars. The mixed design provides moderate protection for both goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To Town Hall 3 Base?

Upgrading to Base Town Hall 3 costs 15,000 gold. This is a substantial amount early in Clash of Clans, but the upgrade unlocks key buildings and troops that make it very worthwhile.

What Is The Best Farming Strategy At Th3 Base?

The best farming strategy at Base Town Hall 3 is to Barch, Mass wall breakers, & continuous raiding of exposed resources at the TH3 base. Focus on low-cost troops, target Collectors/Mines, and raid relentlessly to maximize farming as a TH3 base player.