No Lag VPNs Gaming Town Hall 5 Base 2024 [TH5 War, Farming, & Trophy, Rank]

Town Hall 5 Base 2024 [TH5 War, Farming, & Trophy, Rank]


Town Hall 5 Base

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game where players build and upgrade their empire and village train troops, and attack other players to earn resources. An important part of the game is setting up a strong defensive base to protect your resources and trophies.

For Players With a Town Hall 5 Base. Designing the right base layout is crucial to defend against more advanced players. This article will provide TH5 Base building strategies, Defence tips and tricks, and sample layouts.

Offensive Vs Defensive Buildings

At Town Hall 5 Base clans, you gain access to higher-level Defences like the Wizard Tower and Mortar. It’s important to prioritize upgrading your defensive building first before offensive ones like the Army Camp or Barracks.

 Some key Defences to focus on are:

  • Mortars- Mortars are excellent area damage Defences and can take out hordes of low-hitpoint troops like barbarians. Place them centred in your base.
  • Wizard Towers- Wizard Towers deals high splash damage to groups of troops. Protect them behind walls and keep them away from Air Defences.
  • Air Defences – Air Defences are vital to counter air raids from Balloons or Dragons. Upgrade them early and place them centred in your base.

Walls And Traps

Wall And Traps

Walls and traps provide another layer of security against all kinds of attacks.

  • Upgrade walls in layers to show down ground troops. Use the highest level walls around key Defences 
  • Spring traps between Defences can one-shot kill high HP troops like Giants.
  • Bombs can damage tight groups like Wall Breakers or Goblins. Place them smartly.

Town Hall 5 Base Placement

Town Hall 5 Base Placement

The TH5 Base now holds resources, so protecting it it important. Some placement tips:

  • Don’t place it on the edge or it will be easy to destroy for a quick 1-star.
  • Surround it with Defences, but not too close or opponents can use Artillery to snipe buildings.
  • Use High HP buildings like storage as a buffer around your Town Hall 5 Base clans 

Sample Layouts

Sample Layouts

Here are two sample layouts making use of the above strategies:

Compact Base – This base has a compact design with overlapping Defences and multiple layers of Walls. The Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Base is surrounded by storage, with a Mortar and Air Defence protecting it. Traps are placed intelligently to surprise wall breakers and other troops.

Spread Out Base – This base has a more spread-out design, making it harder to plan funnelling troop paths. The Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Base Clans, is centrally located, with Defences like Wizard Towers and Mortars covering it. Air Defences prevent air armies from easily reaching the core.

Defensive Clan Castle

Always keep your Clan Castle filled when defending. Ideal defenders are:

  • Wizards: High splash damage to swarms of troops.
  • Dragons can engage both ground and air units.
  • Archer’s long-range support.

Position the Clan Castle centered in your base so troops have to lure and eliminate them first.

Best Town Hall 5 Base Defences To Upgrade First

Town Hall 5 Base Best Defences

Here are some tips for prioritizing Town Hall 5 Defence in Clash of Clans in 2024:

  • Upgrade Wizard Towers first. Wizard Towers are important for defending against hordes of low HP troops like Barbarians. Upgrade them early for more damage.
  • Upgrade Mortars next. Mortars are excellent splash damage Defence. Upgrade them to deal with tightly packed troops.
  • Upgrade Air Defence – Air Defence becomes crucial at TH5 to defend against balloon or dragon attacks. Upgrade them to Level 3 as soon as possible.
  • Upgrade Cannons: Basic cannons are your core Defence. Get them to at least Level 6 to improve their damage and hit points.
  • Upgrade Walls: Reinforced walls protect your Defence and slow down attackers. Upgrade them gradually when you can.
  • Upgrade Teslas – Teslas are hidden Defence that can surprise attackers. Upgrade them but not before your main Defence.
  • Upgrade Archer Towers last. Archer Towers are nice for support but have a lower priority than Wizards and Mortars.

The key is to upgrade splash Defence first, followed by air Defence and point Defence. Walls, traps, and teslas support your main Defence. I’d focus on the above priorities first when determining what to upgrade at Town Hall 5 in Clash of Clans.


  • Excellent against hordes of low HP troops
  • Place them centred in your base for maximum coverage

Wizard Towers

  • Deals high area splash damage
  • Protect them behind walls
  • Keep them away from Air Defences

Air Defences

  • Essential to counter air armies
  • Upgrade them early, as they are expensive
  • Place them centrally in your base

Best Town Hall 5 Base Links 2024

Best Town Hall 5 Base Links

Town Hall 5 Base War is an important stage in Clash of Clans when players start getting access to new Defences like the wizard tower and mortar. A good base design becomes crucial for protecting resources. 

Some of the best TH5 Base links to use in 2024 include Hypercube and The Nerd by Clash with Eric on YouTube. These bases have centralized mortars and storages, with storages surrounded by Defences.

Other good links are base designs by Judo Sloth Gaming like The Hive which has a spread-out layout to protect against splash damage. Players should look for bases with funnels and compartments to slow down attacks, like those for Town Hall 11 Base, at this stage.

How Should I Use Traps Effectively?

Traps allow you to surprise and damage troops. Some intelligent trap uses include:

  • Spring Traps: Place between Defences to kill high HP troops like Giants
  • Bombs: Damage tight groups like wall breakers or Goblins
  • Giant Bombs: Inflict area damage on troops, good for killing Wizard packs

Always protect them with walls so they are not triggered.

What Are The New Features In Town Hall 5 Base?

Here are the new features in Town Hall 5 Base Farming in short steps:

  • X-Bow: – Powerful defensive building with long range that attacks ground and air.
  • Level 6 Wizard Tower – Upgraded wizard tower deals more splash damage.
  • Level 3 Mortar – Increased mortar damage and range vs. troops.
  • Level 7 Walls: More hitpoints make walls harder to break.
  • Level 5 Barracks: Unlocks training for higher-level troops.
  • Level 2: Dark Barracks: Unlocks lava hounds, golems, witches, etc.
  • Clan Castle Level 4: Holds more and higher level defending troops.
  • New Buildings: Archer Tower, Army Camp, Dark Barracks, and Dark Elixir Storage

In summary, major defensive and offensive upgrades make Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Base Layouts a big jump over previous levels. The X-Bow, troop training, and stronger walls stand out.

Top Town Hall 5 Base Anti-Everything Bases 2024

Town Hall 5 Base War is when players start facing more sophisticated attacks in Clash of Clans. Using an anti-everything base that protects against ground, air, and splash damage becomes important. Some of the top anti-everything bases for Best Town Hall 5 Base Farming in 2024 include The Maze by Clash with Eric, which has a confusing layout to trap troops. 

Other top choices are The Nerd by Judo Sloth Gaming, which has centred splash Defences and storages, and Hypercube by Clash Champs, which protects resources in separate compartments. Bases like The Hive promote traps and giant bombs in between Defences to take out waves of troops. 

Also, you can go for the best Town Hall 12 Base War anti-everything bases, like those for Town Hall 12 Base, which have strategic trap placements, funnelled base layouts, and protect key Defences like wizard towers centrally to withstand attacks.

What Should I Put In My Clan Castle For Defence?

Clan Castle For Defence

Your Town Hall 5 Base Best Defence 2024. Clan Castle troops are invaluable defenders. Some ideal options are:

  • Wizards – Excellent splash damage vs swarm troops
  • Dragons – Engage both ground and air units
  • Archers: long-range support from behind walls
  • Witches – Skeletons distract attackers well

What Are Good Funneling And Wall Techniques?

Funnelling and wall techniques improve base security:

  • Create compartments with inner layers of walls
  • Guide attacking troops into traps and Defences
  • Use the highest level walls around vital Defences first
  • Layer exterior walls to slow down Wall Breakers

Should I Rush My Town Hall 5 Base Upgrade?

Town Hall 5 Base Upgrade

Rushing your TH 5 Base Farming upgrade is not advised:

  • Leaves you with underpowered offences and Defences
  • It is harder to recover at higher Town Hall 5 Base levels
  • This often leads to getting stuck and being unable to progress

Max out your Defences, troops, and walls first for your Town Hall 5 Base level. This will help you compete better in the long run.

What Layouts Are Best For A TH5 Base?

TH5 base Layouts use a compact base with a storage centre and a clan castle in the middle. Layer walls to protect defences and resources. Separate air and ground defences. Use traps strategically.

How Can I Defend My Resources Better At TH5 Base?

You can defend TH5 Base after upgrading walls in layers around storage. Centralize clan castle for max troop coverage. Build key defences like wizard towers and air defences. Keep upgrading mortars, cannons, and other splash damage defences. Join an active clan for defending troops.


Designing the ideal Town Hall 5 Base base requires upgrading key Defences first, using walls and traps strategically, placing your Clan Castle smartly, and using effective base layouts. Follow these tips and you will be able to protect your trophies and resources much better from more upgraded opponents.